AMPBA Website Launch

New Website Launched

The AMPBA is proud to announce that our new website is now live at
Updating our website to a modern content management platform has been a priority for the past twelve months. As many members would know, some functionality on the old site was disabled for security purposes.

The new website has been created with a vision of supporting the growth of our sport in Australia.
This will be achieved by providing a central repository of resources for the general public and club members. At the core of these resources sits information such as our latest news, upcoming events, and racing rules. A forum has also been integrated to provide associated clubs with a presence on the AMPBA website.

Importantly some of the new functionality that the website will provide will include online event registration, annual membership renewals, and the ability for associated clubs to list their upcoming club events.

The AMPBA committee also recognise the unique intergenerational diversity of our audience and member base. As such will are developing a wide range of strategies to engage our members and the general public across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Accordingly, based on feedback provided to the committee. Suitable moderators to manage these online presses will be appointed to moderate and update the platform independently or any personal agenda and with the best interests of our association.

Key deliverables of the new website:

  • A new website design, built on the latest content management platform with the appropriate security enhancements to protect our members and information stored by the association.
  • Bringing to life our sport through ‘digitising’ the rule book into an online racing guide.
  • Creating multimedia elements to educate the public and new members about model boat racing.
  • Providing a central repository and view of the activities across all affiliated clubs and national events.
  • The opportunity to increase the productivity of the association and afflicted clubs by implementing technology to automate the advertisement and attendee registration of sanctioned events.