2021 Southern Malle Stampede

The Adelaide Model Power Boat Club, in association with Ken Retallick would like to extend an invitation to all financial members of the Australian Model Power Boat Association to compete in the 2021 Southern Mallee Stampede. The only thing that will stop this event will be COVID shutdowns, no minimum entries required will run classes with 3 boats and we have decided to start racing on Friday to ensure we get through 4 rounds of racing.

So get your leave passes sorted, boats ready and come enjoy what will be the best model boating event to go ahead so far this year!!

PLEASE NOTE: We will run the race software with the 15-second penalties as the 8-second version is still not ready. If this does get completed and has been fully tested we may reconsider however we feel it’s much fairer for everyone to run the event with a system that works. We have run this event twice and also the Hopetoun Nationals with the 15-second version with no issues.

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