2022 Rule Change Proposal

The rule change proposal voting form is now available to be downloaded.  All current financial members of the Australian Model Power Boat Association (AMPBA) are encouraged to participate in the vote. This year the proposed rule change surrounds the addition of a 1/3 mile, 2 lap oval speed competition.

Explanation of proposal:

This rule change allows Australian model boat racers to compete in a 2 lap timed event directly comparable to that run in the USA by using the same 1/3 Mile 2 lap course. The current ½ kilometre 2 lap course times are not directly comparable.

Key points of consideration;

  • This rule change DOES NOT remove the existing ½ K competition or records.
  • All ½ K records will still stand and ½ K competitions can still be run if event organisers wish to offer it.