AMPBA By-Lawes

AMPBA Membership

  • Persons applying for AMPBA membership must do so by completing and signing the official AMPBA Membership Application Form that is available from the AMPBA web site or from affiliated club Secretaries. Persons applying for membership must do so through a club affiliated with the AMPBA. Membership is from 1 July to 30 June the following year.
  • AMPBA Membership applications and fees shall be submitted to affiliated club Secretaries at any convenient time. Insurance coverage will be effective immediately upon payment of fees however, final acceptance of membership to the Association is subject to the approval of the AMPBA committee.
  • It is the responsibility of affiliated club Secretary’s to supply the applicant’s full details including contact telephone number and e-mail address, if available when forwarding the application form to the AMPBA Secretary for processing and approval.

Classes of Membership

  • Adult member – anyone over the age of 16 years and has full voting rights.
  • Junior member – aged 8 to 16 years and have no voting rights.
  • Sub Junior member – Aged 2 to 8 years – has no voting rights. Shall have no access to the hot pit area and not permitted to race against Senior or Junior members. Must be under the direct supervision of a current financial senior member of the AMPBA who may provide assistance to ensure control of the boat to an adequate level at all times. The intent of the class is for non-competitive participation and a fun introduction to model boating. Events will be organised at the discretion of the host club for both clubs and sanctioned events of the AMPBA. Sanctioned Event entry forms shall state the proposed sub-junior participation on their entry form under the name of Kids are Boaters Too.
  • Trialing day member – aged 2 to 100 years and have no voting rights. Must be under the
    full supervision of a current AMPBA Adult member. May participate in events or races under the discretion of the host club but is not permitted to enter or participate in sanctioned events. Trialling membership excludes any previous member of the Association and is not valid until the host club has received payment of the set fee of $10. The set fee is to be forwarded to the AMPBA Treasurer and covers insurance for the Trialling member for three (3) attendances at any affiliated club within the AMPBA.
  • Pit membership – for pit personnel only, can’t operate a model and have no voting rights.

Club Affiliation with the AMPBA Inc

  • All clubs must be incorporated to be affiliated with the AMPBA Inc.
  • All affiliated clubs must supply a copy of their current Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution to the AMPBA Secretary. If any changes are made to the Incorporation or Constitution, a revised copy must be sent to the AMPBA Secretary within thirty (30) days of Lodgment with Business Affairs in their State.

Committee of Affiliated Clubs

  • Affiliated clubs must supply complete contact details of their officer bearers to the AMPBA Secretary together with the Club Affiliation Fee paid each year.
  • If office bearers change within the year, details of the changes must be sent to the AMPBA Secretary within thirty (30) days of the changes.

Permanent changes to the AMPBA Constitution and Competition Rules

  • Motions for changes to sections of the AMPBA constitution or official rulebook shall only be accepted by the AMPBA Secretary up to 3 months prior to the date fixed for the AMPBA annual general meeting each year, for distribution and voting.
  • Permanent changes to the AMPBA Constitution or Competition Rules may only be submitted by a club affiliated with the AMPBA or by the AMPBA Executive Committee. The AMPBA Secretary will distribute the proposals and voting forms no less than 2 months prior to the AGM, to the Secretary’s of all affiliated clubs and published on the AMPBA Forum for voting.
  • A member may choose to either download a voting form and return the completed document directly to the AMPBA Secretary or the affiliated club may hold a general/special meeting for its members to vote on the constitution or competition rule change proposals. Only financial AMPBA members are allowed to vote and
    must include their name, AMPBA membership number and signature on the voting form.
  • It is the affiliated club Secretary’s responsibility to collate the voting forms from a general/ special meeting held and return them to the AMPBA secretary at least one (1) month prior to the AMPBA annual
    general meeting. Individual members completing their own voting forms may return them to their club Secretary or return them directly to the AMPBA Secretary at least one (1) month prior to the AGM.
  • The AMPBA secretary will collate the valid voting forms, making sure all names, AMPBA numbers and signatures are clearly marked on the voting forms, and announce the outcome of the voting at the AMPBA annual general meeting.
  • Should a rule change be carried, it shall not take effect for three (3) months from the date of the AMPBA annual general meeting. The rule change must apply for a minimum of twelve (12) months.

Club Calendars

Each year a National calendar shall be compiled with information received from affiliated clubs.
National and State Championships along with proposed Sanctioned events shall be included on the National calendar. All clubs must submit a calendar by November each year for the following year, including all club activities and sanctioned events for insurance purposes.

National Record Claims

To be submitted to the AMPBA Secretary by a competitor or club Secretary and must be
accompanied by a fee of $5.00 per claim for official recognition and acceptance.

The Middleton Trophy

Is a perpetual trophy awarded at the National Championships by using the following rules:
For each official National event, a competitor will score points equal to the number of competitors entered for that event, divided by his or her own final position. Thus First place in an event with 24 competitors entered will gain 24 points (24/1=24), and a fifth place in the same event would gain 4.8 points (24/5=4.8). The scores from the competitor’s best four events are added together to determine the winner.

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