Committees & Officials

The Race Committee shall be appointed by the organizing body and will consist of;

  • Contest Director
  • Committee Secretary
  • Technical Adviser
  • Timekeeper/ scorer
  • Other Officials as required
  • The race committee will confirm the registration of the entrant and model and accept the admission of the same.
  • They shall confirm the Race results, the composition of each set of officials, the layout of the courses and the
    appointment of officials

The Organizing Body shall appoint the Contest Director. Officials will be required to stipulate qualifications and experience if required to do so. All officials and appointed officials must be AMPBA affiliated members for insurance purposes. This includes officials, judges, rescue personnel, or any persons appointed in any capacity associated with the running of an event. An official may hold more than one position.

Contest Director

The Contest Director is the chief Official of the event. His or her duties and responsibilities include:

  • To appoint officials to assist in whatever capacity he deems fit.
  • To disqualify any competitor where necessary.
  • To interrupt any competitor where necessary.
  • To interrupt or abandon any competition where necessary.
  • To effect corrections to the course where necessary.
  • To ensure all competitors and officials understand the event and his or her directions by conducting a driver’s meeting prior to the start of each day’s competition.

Timekeeper Scorer 

The Timekeeper/Scorer shall be responsible for the recording and publishing of all results.

Retrieval and Rescue Personnel

No retrieval boat shall be on the water whilst any model boat is running. During practice, all running boats will be called off the water when the event organizers determine the need to do so to permit rescue to be effected safely (usually 3 dead boats). Also, refer to rules 8.6.3 and 8.6.4. Safety equipment must be provided and present in all retrieval boats such as a life jacket, paddle, and any other safety equipment as required. Clear instructions for the safe operation of the retrieval boat and equipment must be provided to rescue personnel.

AMPBA Delegates

At any Sanctioned National or State Oval Race Meeting, 1/2K Oval and Straight Line Speed event, two (2) officials appointed to represent the AMPBA must be present to oversee the measuring of the course and scrutineering of engines, boat hulls and any other areas that may be required for the type of meeting being run. It is mandatory that at least one of the officials appointed to represent the AMPBA will be from an independent club and not a member of the host club.

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