By the submission of their entry form, a competitor acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the rules and that attendance at drivers meetings is mandatory for all competitors.

Only one model per competitor can be entered in each class of any event. The same model can only be entered in one class at any event, the hull by definition is the model. In all events and classes having multiple heats, the same hull must be used for each heat. Motors, radios, damaged sponsons, and other accessories may be changed. The exception is for sub Juniors who must run the same boat as defined and subsequently entered.

Engine classes are as detailed in Section 7.3. A boat will not be permitted to compete outside its designated engine and/or hull classifications. Should there not be sufficient entries (5 boats) to constitute a class, competitors will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the next engine class in the Hull classification, if possible.

Should a competitor violate the AMPBA race rules, special instructions announced at the drivers meeting or are absent from the drivers meeting, the following action may be taken by the Race organizers and/or Contest Director;

  • The competitor can be disqualified from a heat and have all scores from that heat canceled;
  • The competitor can be disqualified from the class and have all scores canceled;
  • The competitor can be disqualified from the entire event and have all scores canceled.
  • The competitor can be disqualified from their first heat of the day for not attending the driver’s meeting.

Disqualification from a heat, class or entire meeting may also be declared for “UNSPORTING BEHAVIOR”. Every competitor is obliged to comply with the directions of the Contest Director and appointed officials as nominated.

Only financial members of the AMPBA will be allowed to compete in an event hosted by any AMPBA affiliated club. Proof of a member’s financial status (i.e. a current AMPBA Membership Card) must be presented on request, to the organizers at all AMPBA sanctioned events.

A competitor’s NAME, FREQUENCY and CHANNEL MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED on their transmitter. 2.4 GHz Systems are exempt although it is recommended that competitors have their NAME or AMPBA NUMBER on their transmitters. A radio pound is no longer considered to be a requirement for competition.

When applying for an AMPBA National Straight Line Speed or 1/2K Oval Record, a competitors boat must comply with all AMPBA rules and will be subject to an engine displacement inspection, and if applicable, engine scrutineering immediately following its record-breaking run or impounded for inspection that day at a time deemed appropriate by the officials. If the engine or engines are found to be out of limits specified in the AMPBA engine classifications rules for that class, or if the hull and set up does not comply with the rules, the record will not be allowed.

All competitors and pit persons must wear closed-toed shoes whilst in the pit area or when launching or retrieving a boat and must be financial members of the AMPBA for insurance purposes.

All competitors are required to display their AMPBA number on their boat(s) for easy identification. Numbers to have characters with a minimum height of 20mm and be clearly visible.

For all competitors, officials, and spectators at any sanctioned event;

  • No smoking is permitted in the hot pits or the general pit area.
  • No spectators allowed in the hot pit area.
  • All pets/ animals must be supervised or on a leash.
  • All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Classes available to Sub Juniors are;

  • Super Nitro – Open to any hull type with a limit on engine size (maximum “A” class / .21 size motor)
  • Super Electric – Open to any hull type with a limit on battery size (maximum 4s / EA size)
  • Super Gas – Open to any hull type with a limit on engine size (up to 27cc Petrol Spark Ignition

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