Offshore (Class 2)

A class designated specifically for larger model powerboats to promote fair competition amongst similar sized larger craft in oval racing competition. Whilst a scale representation is encouraged, boats may be a true-life replica or of free construction appropriate to, and within the requirements and specifications set out for Offshore competition. All Offshore craft shall sport a form of either – sponsor logo, manufacturer logo, graphic design or true-life replica theme. This may include, but is not limited to, the use of gelcoat colors, paints and or vinyl graphics.

EG: basically, no plain white boats. Hull classifications recognised for the class will reflect full size Offshore race craft that fall into two categories. Eg: mono and catamaran.

All hull designs and set ups must comply with AMPBA rules.

Engine Types:

Any induction method – EG: piston port, rotary disc etc, no turbo or supercharging. Manual or electric start is allowed in all classes.
Engines must be spark ignition and may be either commercially available lawn trimmer type engines EG; Kawasaki, Stihl, Mitsubishi and so on, or recognized hobby or model engines or engines and parts specifically manufactured for the purposes of remote control craft. Eg; Zenoah, Sikk, QD, RCMK, CMB, SG, Mathe and so on. No glow engines converted to spark ignition. Any engine modifications are permitted.

Note; Turbines, motorbike, mini bike, pocket bike and similar types of engines are prohibited at this time in any and all classes. Any engine type or brand not covered by rule 18.5 to be submitted to the AMPBA for clarification and for insurance purposes prior to any approval for general use. An engine or engines capacities alone are not grounds for automatic acceptance.


At least one failsafe device must but fitted and operational in all Offshore boats to shut down the throttle or to kill the engines ignition system. No Offshore boat will be permitted to enter the water without at least one working failsafe and will be checked at random. It may be inbuilt into the radio equipment and programmed to the model or it may be an add on component. Eg; Venom, Engine-kill and so on. An externally mounted kill switch is not regarded as a failsafe device but may be fitted. The use of more than one failsafe is encouraged.

Race Rules:

Race duration will be no less than a standard oval heat race of 1500 meters. (5 laps of 300 meter courses or 6 laps of 250 meter
courses) There will be provision to run timed races and / or course alterations if desired and as directed by a host club. Timed races along with any course alterations or any rule changes are to be stated on entry forms by a club hosting a sanctioned event. All other AMPBA race rules apply.

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