AMPBA Facebook Group

Member Facebook Group

The 2020 Executive Committee is focused on recognising the diversity of our member base.
Following feedback from multiple associated clubs and individual members. An unofficial ‘test and learn’ was piloted with the creation of a Facebook group to engage model powerboat racers in Australia.

Following a debrief of the ‘test and learn’ to understand best practices and areas of improvement.
The AMPBA is now proud to announce that in addition to the community forums on the AMPBA website, an independently moderated member Facebook group will now be created.

The purpose of the Facebook group is to provide a safe and supportive environment to enable AMPBA members to participate in discussions relevant to model powerboat racing. The vision of the Facebook Group is to support a multimedia strategy to improve the reputation of model powerboat racing in Australia.

While introducing new ways for members to communicate is a positive step. We recognise that it may come with some risks and a requirement to establish a set of community standards. Accordingly, the committee will nominate an independent moderator to ensure that the Facebook Group meets is purpose and vison.

Current financial members are encouraged to join the group by clicking here